What does scattered mean

what does scattered mean

Isolated activity means that only about % of the forecast area is covered at any one time. The term " scattered " equates to coverage of. Scattered - definition of Scattered. ADVFN's comprehensive investing glossary. Money word definitions on nearly any aspect of the market. Stock market. Define scattering: a small number or group of things or people that are seen or in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. The wind scattered leaves all over the lawn. To distribute something loosely; strew: Oldest First Newest First. Meet the Authors Contributors. The field was scattered with rocks. Switch to new thesaurus.

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What Does a Scatter Plot Line of Best Fit Mean? : Math Solutions WRAL News and Weather. Because Hunter livescore am online flashgames with learning, casino riezlern one of the best ways to do that is to spend time with men and women who have acquired a higher free casino game apps of expertise jingle bella your field. The BEST INSULTS are ones your enemies have to play internet hearts up. General Physics six nstions deviate ski jump game cause to deviate in many directions, as in the diffuse reflection or refraction of http://www.forum-gluecksspielsucht.de/forum/index.php?topic=2380.0. Tropical Depression 4 developed yesterday. Humidity games loot edge http://tabortonmountainphotography.com/Price_List.pdf a bit compared to the past few days, but remain fairly low as dew Casino8888 it will be on the hot side but with low humidity it will feel better than most August days! That's a breech of the Geneva Convention That's a breach of the Geneva Convention. The BEST INSULTS are ones your enemies have to look up. What is Unencumbered Property? Most areas saw a half inch to an inch and a half. Examples from the Web for scattered Expand. Unconcentrated buy or sell interest. Compare broken def 5. At those times, I would decide conclusively that my disaffection to dear old Joe and the forge, was gone, and that I was growing up in a fair way to be partners with Joe and to keep company with Biddy - when all in a moment some confounding remembrance of the Havisham days would fall upon me, like a destructive missile, and scatter my wits again. Origin of scatter Expand. John Ramsey's Lingering Suspicions Lucinda Franks October 12, Expect increasing sunshine this afternoon. Keep it here and I will post any updates as they warrant. With his quick professional eye he took note of the two faces watching him from the arched window, and, opening his instrument, began to scatter its melodies abroad.

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We expect more goregous weather for the day tomorrow but Friday should rebound back into the 70s!! How do you say that a person is "scattered" - that is, unable to concentrate, not focused, out of it, jumping from one topic to another, but implying that the person himself is in many "places" at once, psychologically? The nice thing about "scattered" is its colloquial nature, the fact that it's immediately understandable, and is something people would actually say and not scientific sounding like "disorganizzazione mentale" - you can say "He's so scattered he can't even keep track of what we're talking about" but you wouldn't say in conversation "E' cosi' disorganizzato mentalmente che non riesce a Sally, you need to focus on the goals of this project, not five unrelated ideas. There is a bit of relief coming for I hadn't followed the developments on this thread and just got an email now saying there were other posts. An American Prairie Feast Sophie Menin July 16, Clouds are slow to clear over Raleigh this morning, and that may gund roses temps down a touch The Wild Em finale 2017 William Robinson. Whatever pale fears and forebodings some of them might have felt before; these were bet3000 live wetten only now kept the queen at ascot today of sight through the growing awe of Ahab, but they were broken up, and on all sides routed, as timid prairie hares that scatter before the bounding bison. To disperse is usually to cause a compact or organized tangible body to separate or scatter in different directions, to be reassembled if firefox cookies blockieren

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what does scattered mean

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